Entry #32

Grub's White Widow

2015-09-18 17:23:14 by Grub-Xer0

It's a been a while since I've updated my news post, so why not show off my newest build? PC enthusiasts, gird your loins.


Monitors: (3) ASUS 24" LED VG248QE
PC Case: Corsair Graphite Series CC-9011059-WW White ATX
Motherboard: ASUS X99-PRO LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99
Processor: Intel Core i7-5930K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.5 GHz LGA 2011-v3
Graphics Card: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 980 4GB DDR5
RAM: 2666 Superclocked DDR4 Series (16GB)
Boot Drive: Crucial BX100 CT250BX100SSD1 2.5" 250GB Solid State Drive
Storage: Western Digital Black WD1002FAEX 1TB Hard Drive
Additional Storage: Western Digital WD Green WD30EZRX 3TB Hard Drive
Power Supply: EVGA 110-B2-0850-V1 80 PLUS Bronze 850 W PSU
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
Mouse: Razer Naga
CPU Cooling: EK-Supremacy EVO
GPU Cooling: EK-Thermosphere
Custom Watercooling Loop: EK DCP 2.2 X-RES Pump and Reservoir Combo, PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 3/8in. x 5/8in. Tubing, & 360mm Radiator





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2015-09-18 17:54:22

Oh that is fantastic, excellent job! Post that here dude www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/982338/99 and you can see my exciting as paint build!

Wait, wasn't your last build an AMD 8 core? So this another mammoth... actually, much more powerful, DDR4, crazy vid card, you do this for a living and/or side business? I used to build PC's around the turn of the century, sure beats the hell out of rusty farm equipment.

Grub-Xer0 responds:

I don't do this for any monetary gain. It's just a hobby for me. I save up for the parts and get them one by one until I have everything ready. I would love to have a part time job putting together gaming pcs.


2015-09-18 20:38:16

So no bitcoin mining, eh? But 2 major builds in one year, you use both systems, or did you give the AMD 8 core to someone in the family?

Grub-Xer0 responds:

The previous computer was last years build. I currently have the old one running a Halo 2 PC server. I'm trying to get the right files together to start back up my Minecraft server.


2015-10-05 23:57:36

damn that looks sweet dude, I can't imagine all the games you can play.


2015-11-02 16:05:43

Dayum bro!!! This kicks ass.

Grub-Xer0 responds:



2016-03-11 00:04:28

Sweet ultra mecha death christ...

Grub-Xer0 responds:



2016-04-10 15:48:56

one day, i would be able to build a battlestation this epic. one day.

honestly, i have orgasm everytime i look at this setup.


2016-05-05 17:50:46

holy shit


2016-05-16 23:15:03

All that...

And you choose to get on newgrounds...

Grub-Xer0 responds:

Haha yes!


2016-06-16 03:25:50

looks gay

Grub-Xer0 responds:

<3 u


2016-07-04 07:17:28


Grub-Xer0 responds:



2016-12-01 23:48:06

That reminds me of my Corsair 380T case.

Grub-Xer0 responds:

yeah this case is pimp af


2016-12-02 00:15:35

I actually use my TV because my old monitor didn't have an HDMI cord. I wish I had an extra monitor.


Grub-Xer0 responds:

That's a DAMN nice build