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Randy Solem's Death.

Posted by Grub-Xer0 - March 19th, 2012

I don't even know where to begin. I first found VGDC back in March of 2002. I would visit VGDC every single day to watch his flash movies and browse around the site. One day while on VGDC I saw the ad for newgrounds with Mario popping up. So I clicked it and found another website I would be addicted to for the next ten years.

Getting back to Randy, I saw Goof Troop Kombat and loved it. This movie is where I would eventually get my namesake before the lockdown happened. In 2003, I remember when VGDC was redesigned. I wasn't happy about it because of the loss of the navigation music. I eventually grew used to it and would wait for a new flash by Randy.

Fast forward to 2005. From the first day I found VideogameDC, I've always wanted to make my own flash toons. I got a copy of flash mx 2004 from my schools computer lab and starting making stuff. You know, I always found it amusing that an artist who makes sprite movies inspired me but I haven't made one yet. Newgrounds has been a big part of my life and to hear about the death of my main inspiration is extremely saddening and just flat out shocking. I thank you Randy for the countless laughs I've had. Rest in peace.

Randy Solem's Death.

Comments (8)

I'm seriously about to cry. This was so touching.

ZJ is a pussy

Randy Solem was a talentless hack and I'm glad his "career" died before he did.

I'm with kisame.

Fuck you Joey, Kisame, and Zachary.

Randy Solem was a talentless hack and I'm glad his "career" died before he did.

I actually remember that cartoon! I used to go to VGDC all the time, and eventually it led me to newgrounds. I may have to thank Randy Solem for more than I think, even though I didn't know his name before. Every cartoon people have reference so far I have seen, and if it wasn't for him I may have never met a community of awesome people.

RIP - Randy

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